“Families of affluence have different concerns, different risks and different options than many others. As a result, they also need advisors who are not only familiar with those requirements, but who are also equipped to work with them.”

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Allison Maher and Tom Sorge have worked together for over 10 years, helping high net-worth individuals, families and businesses find clarity for their vision, values and goals pertaining to wealth. The unique Legacy Wealth Optimization Systemâ„¢ they apply delivers impressive results and is the cornerstone of their work.
In a market and business environment where trust seems to be dwindling, and complexity is increasing, we chose to create a firm that could amplify the impact of our clients’ existing professional teams.

Family Wealth Coach serves as a strategic resource for you, your family and your advisory team. We counsel families of affluence and their interests, including entrepreneurs, family offices, private businesses and private foundations. In many cases our clients employ excellent professional resources. But in the absence of a unifying strategy that harnesses the full capacity of those professionals, it is surprisingly easy for wealth to erode, or be exposed to undue and unnecessary risk. At Family Wealth Coach, we help our clients create and execute a strategy of clarity.

The results are powerful. When having a clear perspective which takes precedence, families are able to develop a plan that accomplishes three core goals:

    1. Maintain sufficient resources to protect financial security and lifestyle
    2. Allow families to transfer what they have, to whom they want, when they want, and the way they want
    3. Distribute their social capital in a manner consistent with their personal values
Allison Maher

Certified Corporate Director (ICD.D)
Chartered Professional Accountant
Certified Financial Planner
Member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners
Legacy Wealth Coach Network
Bachelor of Commerce Degree, University of Calgary
Institute of Chartered Accountants’ In-Depth Tax Course
Canadian Securities Institute’s Canadian Investment Management Course
2009 Avenue Magazine Top 40 Under 40

Tom Sorge

Chartered Life Underwriter
Chartered Financial Consultant
Certified Financial Planner
Certified Family Facilitator (CAFE)
Member of The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners
Member of London Life’s Wealth and Estate Planning Group
Legacy Wealth Coach Network
Past President of Advocis, Calgary

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