Year End Tax Saving Tips for 2017

In a market and business environment where trust seems to be dwindling, and complexity is increasing, at Family Wealth Coach we chose to create a firm that serves as a strategic resource for you, your family, and your advisory team.

We are all about proactive planning. In particular, this year there have been several major tax changes and as another year draws to a close, now is a good time to take stock.

Several major tax changes are coming in 2018, especially for owners of private companies, and there are some opportunities and planning choices that you should consider before the end of this year.

To help you assess your tax situation for 2017, our friends at KPMG have prepared a checklist:

You can use it to make sure you are making the most of potential tax savings opportunities this year. The checklist is broken down into sections that look at your investments, your family’s tax situation and your retirement and estate planning. It also includes a summary of some key CRA deadlines you need to meet in order to realize 2017 tax savings.

We encourage you to peruse the checklist and we welcome any questions you might have.