The Next Generation: Financial Literacy

As parents, we strive to give our children every opportunity in the world. Regardless of our haves and have nots, we want them to have more – every experience, happiness, and success. However, with the gifts we give our children to reach these new heights, comes the worry that they may not have the fortitude and understanding to make thoughtful decisions.

As advocates for financial literacy in the next generation, we encourage families to have crucial conversations with their children surrounding wealth.

On January 18th Allison will be a panelist in Family Enterprise Xchange Calgary’s Breakfast Series: Building Financial Literacy for the Next Generation. The panel will share their knowledge, experiences, and strategies in cultivating financial literacy among the next generation. Addressing questions such as:

  • When is it appropriate to begin speaking to children about money?
  • How can children be introduced to the concept of family wealth?
  • How can families of wealth create an environment whereby the next generation is motivated to succeed and/or desires to make a contribution to society?

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Tom Sorge, Allison Maher and Julia Best

Family Wealth Coach Planning Services