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When you’re thinking about exiting your business – whether that’s imminent, or far in the future – there is a lot to consider.

Some of the questions are obvious, like, Do you have a plan? Or know what your options really are? This is a time to get good clarity so that you’re deliberate in your approach and successful in your result.

We use a tool called the Business Exit Readiness Index to help you assess your readiness for your future business departure. It’s a simple, 20 question survey that will help you to see what some of your options are, and what a possible timeline for your transition could be.

To leave your business requires more than a buyer; it demands both mental and financial readiness. The BERI™ assessment will help you assess both.

If you’re interested, click the link below and take our customized Business Exit Readiness Index™ (BERI™) Assessment.

When you are finished answering the twenty (20) questions, a six (6) page, detailed BERI™ Owner’s Report will be emailed to you. (NOTE, if you want this report to avoid workplace e-mails where others track and monitor your traffic, you may choose a personal e-mail address to receive your Report).

The answers to your twenty (20) short questions will only be shared with us if you select the box on the initial page.  All of your information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of our business.  And, if the BERI™ Assessment and Owner’s Report really gets you thinking and you want to continue the conversation, please contact us to schedule a meeting to discuss an additional BERI ™ Exit Options Report which accompanies the Owner’s Report.

If you’re contemplating your business departure or transition, take a look at the BERI™ report. We think you might find it quite useful.

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