Family Wealth Coach is a strategic resource, which means that we put a great deal of emphasis of how we can help you, your family, your family office, your private business and foundations develop plans to find what we like to call, your “place of most potential”.

To do that, we have a very clear planning process and then provide a suite of services that can augment the support already being provided by your advisors. Those services are:


The unique Legacy Wealth Optimization System™ we use with our clients.

Family Governance & Facilitation

While the Discovery process is critical, it starts to really take root when the Family begins to share their perspective and find common understanding around wealth.

Insurance Planning

There are many ways to both create and grow wealth. That wealth also needs to be properly protected. Appropriate, and judiciously applied insurance planning is an important element.

Succession and Estate Planning

Developing plans for passing wealth, values and responsibility on to the next generation, and then future generations requires a disciplined approach and a full understanding of what it takes to transition what’s important.

Family Office Services

Several family offices count on Family Wealth Coach to provide on-going support services that augment their skill-base and amplify their impact.


There are times when important changes need to be made and many parties will be required to make them happen. Those are the times when clients call on us to take the lead and co-ordinate or quarterback the various advisors and professionals that will be involved so that someone is tracking the whole project to completion.

Group Benefits and Executive Compensation

Many of our clients own successful businesses and need to design/redesign benefits programs for their staff and executive compensation plans for the business leaders.

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