“I have personally seen the life insurance system work. My father’s early passing, with a large life insurance payout, assisted our family to make calculated decisions with regards to financial planning. Part of those proceeds went to purchase annuities that have been a consistent source of income for our mother. That experience confirmed my thoughts on the value of life insurance, and especially “Participating Life Insurance”, for our family, right down to plans for our grandchildren. Proper planning with guidance from Tom has and will assure a means of financial family legacy. Over the years Tom has been extremely helpful in positioning life insurance effectively in our business succession and estate planning. In addition the products that have been recommended, and which we have implemented, have stood the test of time and become an important part of our overall estate and investment plan. I would strongly recommend Tom and his team at “Family Wealth Coach” to assist in planning your Legacy. Guiding their clients in the Family Legacy realm is one of their core strengths.”
– Founder, successful multi industry combustion service company
“Thank you Allison for all your work and efforts to this point, the care by which you have given our family truly has made a difference. Our family reflected the discussion and there has definitely been a shift in thinking. I believe we have an opportunity to build on a shared understanding of what it means to have family council and to being more thoughtful in our approach as a family.”
– Family Office Client
“Allison and Tom were able to bring together a dysfunctional family in a very challenging environment. The combination of their skills and experience was vital in their ability to deal with the broad range of personalities and family dynamics. Allison and Tom made it possible for the family to come together and move forward in looking at what needed to be done in order for the family and the company to move forward and understand the issues facing them in the future and steps that needed to take place to ensure longevity of the business and family relations amongst the current and future generations. I believe without their professionalism and ability to communicate with all the family members this would not have been possible to achieve. I would recommend their services to anyone without hesitation.”
– Senior Executive, Calgary
“Family Wealth Coach is uniquely experienced to deliver high value results to high net worth families. They bring insight, leadership and dedication to their work. Their collaborative approach brings out the best in a family’s advisory team.”
– Client (Calgary)
“Allison and Tom are very good at making complex things easy to understand. We particularly appreciate their ability to communicate clearly and address our concerns in a direct fashion. We always felt as if they had our best interests in mind at all times. As a result, our decision making process was much easier.”
– Family Office Client (Calgary)
“Allison is our family’s most trusted advisor. We trust her to help us understand our planning opportunities and how they impact us at a family level. She also ensures that once we decide on a plan of action, it is implemented and followed through to completion.”
– Founder, Media Group (Los Angeles)
“What makes Family Wealth Coach unique is that it has embraced a systematic, values-based planning approach. By following a deliberate process, giving tangible deliverables, and being able to show a roadmap of the work they do, it makes FWC both innovative and unique in their ultra-high net worth market.”
– Todd Fithian, CEO, The Legacy Companies (Boston)
“Allison is a driven, dynamic advisor. Her guidance has helped our family take our philanthropic giving to the next level. She helped us conceptualize what was possible and is now helping us implement and accomplish our goals. She has proven to be a mentor to our children and will be a role model for future generations.”
– Matriarch, Family Office (Calgary)
“The Calgary Girls’ School was lucky enough to have Allison speak to them about her experiences and inspirations. Allison transformed enthusiastic grade four spenders into thoughtful consumers, contributors and long-term planners. They left the presentation knowing that how you use your money is your own choice and sometimes these choices can be difficult. They also learned that there are more options than spending. You can also share your money and save it. We thank Allison for being a role model.”
– Calgary Girls School
“At Tiger 21, we care about all aspects of our member’s wealth. To do this we bring in speakers that are passionate, knowledgeable and experienced. We carefully curate speakers who make an impact, help our members think strategically and deliberately while sparking their curiosity. Allison and Tom did just that at a recent presentation to our group.”
“Allison Maher is a really good friend of ours. She is my single point of contact for all our personal finance, cross border issues, short term and long term tax, estate and wills planning. I call her our family CFO.”
– Business Owner
“Life insurance can be a complex and somewhat mysterious product. Tom and Allison took the time to clearly understand our situation, our goals, and educate us on the options available with the major companies. They then guided us through the underwriting process in a transparent seamless manner.”
– 3rd Generation Family Business
“Allison Maher was instrumental in guiding us with: our tax planning strategies; will preparation; Family Office and Foundation set up; and plans to prepare the next generation for wealth management. I have found Allison to be very responsive to our needs, open and creative with her ideas, and protective of the interests of the family. She is a very trusted, confidential advisor and mentor.”
– Family Office Patriarch (Calgary)
“Having financial security offers you the luxury and responsibility of choice, with a team like Tom and Allison those choices do not seem so overwhelming. They have been by our side for the last ten years helping us get to and stay on the road of our dreams, helping us make financial decisions so that we could retire at 40, and travel with our family around the world. It is like having wise friends to sit with and share and somehow they always ground us to our values, they know what matters, they know us.”
– Founder, Oil and Gas Investment Banker (Calgary)
“FWC has demonstrated their exceptional ability to ensure that the work done by external professionals integrates well with the dynamic aspects of their clients’ circumstances as a whole. Keeping all the moving parts together is a challenge for many clients and their professional advisors, and FWC has stepped up to provide a much sought after “quarterback service”.”
– Trust and Estate Lawyer (Calgary)
“Working with Family Wealth Coach was an exceptional experience as it brought independent thought and structure to a process of discovery and helping to formalize a mission and vision. Allison and Tom were very thoughtful and purposeful in their work with us, working to first listen intently for the individual and group goals and the concerns we each had. They designed an approach that we felt was uniquely designed for us, rather than a one size approach imposed upon us. Their experience in building a governance structure was very valuable to build our starting point for the support of our mission. We appreciate and trust Allison and Tom.”
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