The Legacy Wealth Optimization System™ is our proprietary planning process designed to help our clients make wise financial decisions with absolute clarity and confidence.

There are many advisory firms who will want to solve problems and deploy solutions. And while that is important, doing so can be a grave error if it’s not done from the right perspective.

That’s why we start with a very thorough Discovery Phase so that there really is absolute clarity. From that clarity, the right decisions can be taken. Without it, risk grows. By focusing a significant amount of time “above the planning horizon”, we discover the valuable “whys” of planning (mission, vision, values and goals) before dropping “below the line” with the “hows” (strategies, tactics, products and tools).

In the 1st Quadrant, we want you to Reflect, Imagine and Find Clarity. Then, we can move to the 2nd Quadrant where we’ll Prioritize and Create a plan of action. In the 3rd Quadrant we’ll Act on that plan. And in the 4th Quadrant, we’ll Manage the results and tune accordingly.

While none of these steps are especially complex, the power lies in the sequencing and rigour that is brought to each step. Our clients have come to count on us to ask the questions no one else is asking. The results then speak for themselves.

Legacy Planning Resources

  • Legacy Questionnaire (Basic)
  • Family Business Succession Questionnaire
  • Adult Children Questionnaire
  • Strategy Risk Tolerance
  • Complexity Threshold Tolerance
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